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Synthetic Marijuana Use Rising Among Teens

Teenagers are using alcohol-soaked gummy bears to get drunk. Now it appears they’re also using synthetic marijuana to get high. While these new concoctions may not appear to be as… Read More

Hip Replacement Surgery Isn’t Reserved for the Young

Hip replacement surgery isn’t uncommon for older people suffering from joint degradation and chronic pain. But it is uncommon for people over the age of 100. Recently, Harold Weary, a… Read More

Yaz Side Effects Cause Pain and Suffering for Many Young Girls

One of the most rewarding parts of being an attorney is being able to help people who find themselves in dire situations they are unable to navigate on their own…. Read More

Driving Safety for the Holidays

Several annual holidays see an increase in car accidents. They’re usually ones that entail people traveling, especially over a long weekend like Labor Day, Memorial Day, or Independence Day. We… Read More

Oklahoma DUI Statistics Report: 2010

Drunk driving in Oklahoma is on the rise. This is, unfortunately, the main finding of the third annual Oklahoma DUI statistics report produced by McIntyre Law. The firm collected and… Read More

Christmas Tree Safety

There is nothing like a freshly cut, beautifully decorated Christmas tree to get you in the holiday spirit. Christmas may be over, but if you’re like most people, you like… Read More

Avoid Dog Bites At The Dog Park

It’s unfortunate, but just one discourteous person can ruin the dog park experience for everyone. Dog parks are meant to be places where dogs can roam off the leash, play… Read More

Hip Replacement Recalls Bring Alternatives to Forefront

Most people think of hip replacement as something reserved for older people whose joints are finally giving out after several decades of wear. This is most often true, but many… Read More

No Texting and Driving: Take The Pledge

Despite decades of awareness campaigns, drunk driving is still a problem in Oklahoma, and across the country. But what’s even more alarming is that texting and driving is much more… Read More

Medical Tourism Is Not The Answer for Hip Replacement

One of the worst secondary effects of losing a job is losing the heath insurance that usually goes along with being employed full time. Even those who do have insurance… Read More

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