Oklahoma Teen Driver Statistics

If you’re a parent, teen driving statistics can be scary. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one-third of teen fatalities nationally are related to motor vehicle accidents. Statistics show that while the percent of teen drivers in crashes is 13% nationwide, it is 14% for Oklahoma teen drivers.

In 2011, most accidents occurred because of failure to yield, followed by unsafe speed, and rollovers. Distracted driving continues to cause many accidents as well. Although it is not just a teenage driver issue (plenty of adults drive while distracted, too), 40% of American teens say that they have been in a car where the driver was using a mobile phone in a dangerous manner. Nationwide, 11% of teens in fatal crashes were distracted at the time of the crash.

In Oklahoma, there was a 3.1% increase in teen drinking and driving between 2010 and 2011; 55% of these cases were in rural areas. Roger Mills, Grant, Beaver, Alfalfa and Haskell counties had the most teen alcohol-related crashes.

At McIntyre Law, P.C., we understand that allowing your teen behind the wheel (or to be a passenger) can be nerve-wracking. Below are teen driving statistics that can help you to discuss the real dangers with your teenager before she or he heads out on the road. By emphasizing that driving is a big responsibility, hopefully you can prevent your child from becoming one of these statistics.

Oklahoma Teens at the Wheel Infographic

Oklahoma Teen Drivers Infographic

Remind your teen driver to:

  • Buckle up (and make sure passengers do, too)
  • Avoid alcohol or other drugs (drinking is against the law for those under 21, urge your teen to be cognizant of friends who may be of age not drinking and driving )
  • Avoid mobile phone use while driving – and NO TEXTING!
  • Be courteous to other motorists and pedestrians
  • Respect and follow all traffic laws and speed limits

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