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FDA Recall Watch
McIntyre Law's FDA Recall Watch

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the federal government agency responsible for regulating not only food and drugs but also biologics (things like vaccines, blood, and tissue), medical… Read More

Anatomy of a Lawsuit: What is Product Liability?

Thousands of injuries are caused in the U.S. every year because of dangerous or defective products. Product liability cases are common, and this is how the legal system classifies those… Read More

Recall Roundup: Dangerous Baby Equipment

If you’re anything like the attorneys at McIntyre Law, P.C., we can probably agree that the most important thing in our lives is the health and safety of our families…. Read More

Child’s Play: A Look at Dangerous Toys

Childhood should be a fun and worry-free time… for kids, that is. As parents, we’re always trying to make sure that we’re doing the right things so that our kids… Read More

Exploring the Dangers of NuvaRing

It’s been alleged for a long time that NuvaRing can cause serious injuries and/or sudden death. McIntyre Law, P.C. has experienced NuvaRing attorneys who have been working on nationwide NuvaRing… Read More

The Future of Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip replacement surgery is one of the most common surgeries performed daily in this country. It’s almost always successful, and it saves patients from lingering and life-changing pain that restricts… Read More

Jurors award damages in DePuy hip implant case

A Los Angeles jury awarded $8.3 million to a former prison guard in a hip implant case earlier this month. In the case between 65-year old Loren Kransky and Johnson… Read More

Hip Recalls Will Cost One Company $3 Billion

When a product is recalled, the company that makes the recalled product loses revenue from having to pull that product from the market. If anyone is injured by the defective… Read More

Hip Replacement Surgery Questions to Ask

Deciding whether you should undergo hip replacement surgery can be complicated and difficult. As Oklahoma Biomet hip replacement attorneys, we understand there may be a great deal of confusion about… Read More

Medical Tourism Is Not The Answer for Hip Replacement

One of the worst secondary effects of losing a job is losing the heath insurance that usually goes along with being employed full time. Even those who do have insurance… Read More

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