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At McIntyre Law, we are proud to serve our clients with individual care, attention, and concern. Click on any of the review sites below to read reviews and testimonials from current and former McIntyre Law clients who consulted with us after being injured as a result of someone else’s negligence.

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facebook logoPerson PlaceholderBob Martin Gunn

I was having problems with an insurance company on an auto injury claim and visited the McIntyre website and left a note. Jordan Klingler called me the same day, and from that point on I knew I had no worries. She was professional, compassionate, and a great attorney. Most importantly she got my medical bills lowered and secured me full settlements from the other parties’ insurance company and my own insurance’s under-insured driver policy. I would, and will, recommend Jordan to anyone I know.

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facebook logoPerson PlaceholderBuddy Bronn

McIntyre Law is an answer to prayer in our time of need. Without Noble’s help I would not have been able to juggle all the bills and insurance claim information that we were dealing with, as well as, take care of my wife during her hospital stay. Noble has a gift and our family is definitely grateful for him!

google logoPerson PlaceholderChris McArthur

Monica did an excellent job in all aspects of my case. Since the company that hit me on my motorcycle had only minimum liability on their vehicle and no insurance on the company, she had to get substantial reductions from the hospital and all others involved. I was amazed at her ability to negotiate in my favor. Without her representation. it would have cost me tens of thousands of dollars for an accident I was not at fault for. I would recommend her services to anyone that has been involved in any type of personal injury.

facebook logoPerson PlaceholderMarsha Knapp Mauldin

After being rear ended by a lady who was texting and sustaining many injuries including a complete tear of my rotary cuff, my insurance company offered me a settlement that didn’t even cover my expenses and I had been out 15K. They sent me to their Doctor under false pretenses (ie lied),and he claimed that my tear was a result of swimming.Then, thanks to my agent, I was given a different adjuster that assured me of a fair and equitable settlement. He took one look at the vehicles involved and was very encouraging and unequivocally stated my tear was not caused from swimming. After 2 surgeries and almost 3 years later, nothing was resolved and the Doctor wrote a second letter stating that it was pre existing. He saw me a total of 15 minutes!!! I googled “The Best Attorney in OKC”,and Noble’s name came up. He took my case and 3 months later he was able to get me far more than I even wanted. I attribute it to a phenomenal letter he wrote which reversed the direction of the law suit! In summary, Noble was a God sent, and I am blessed that He put Noble on my side.

avvo logoPerson PlaceholderShane

If you or a loved one or friend have ever wondered if you need a lawyer then the answer is probably yes. I can tell you that is the question I was asking myself when my son was involved in an accident. The people at McIntyre Law are just that, People. They listen, they advise, and most importantly they care. You need to forget everything you have ever heard about lawyers when you deal with these guys/gals because they are professional and will take really great care of you. Hiring them was hands down one of the best decisions I have ever made. I wouldn’t dream of ever hiring another attorney.

google logoPerson PlaceholderJake Jacobs

Top notch attorneys, as solid as they come, genuinely concerned for you at all cost. If you need an attorney, they are the best!

google logoPerson PlaceholderJohn Cunningham

Absolutely excellent Law Firm! They are trustworthy and follow through with what they promise. Noble McIntyre is an exceptional attorney and I have complete trust in him. I would recommend them to anyone needing representation.

avvo logoPerson PlaceholderTerry

After being hassled by the insurance company for 8 months, I contacted McIntyre Law, after seeing them on TV, I was then assigned Jordan Klingler and never had anymore hassle. She got all my bills paid and a little extra and without her this would have never happened. I had back problems due to the accident and she helped me get treatment and get fixed up. They wanted a MRI money upfront but I didn’t have any money so Jordan helped me get MRI and treatment and it was all paid for from my settlement. The insurance company kept calling and bugging me and said they would not pay any bills but when I hired McIntyre Law and got help from Jordan all my bills were paid. McIntyre Law running those commercials really helped me to find an attorney. I would recommend McIntyre Law and I would suggest to people the moment you are in an accident you get an attorney because I learned the hard way by waiting.

facebook logoPerson PlaceholderBecky Abbott Thrift

The tenacity and perseverance Jordan Klingler exhibited is second to none. They were in my corner the whole way!!

google logoPerson PlaceholderHolly Greenwood

I was in an accident that put me in the hospital for a week. I didn’t know what to expect since I’ve never had to use an attorney before this, but i was definitely happy with my results. Monica came to the hospital to do our initial visit as I couldn’t come to her. She was very thorough at explaining everything she could do for me and answering all of my questions. I didn’t have to do anything as far as the case was concerned just go to the doctor and get better. The insurance company was pretty pushy and not nice at all. Monica took over all communication with them and kept me posted with all new information regarding my case. My medical bills were outrageous and of course all insurance policies have their maximum payout limits. I honestly thought I was going to end up owing a substantial amount even after the settlement, but that wasn’t the case. She spent several weeks working with the doctors and hospitals, with my personal insurance and negotiated until she was able to get all my bills to a fraction of what they were to begin with. I got enough back with the settlement to get my life back on track. I would recommend the McIntyre Law team, especially Monica, for anything you might need. She was kind, knowledgeable and fast. I’ll definitely call her again if i ever need legal assistance in the future.

facebook logoPerson PlaceholderBeck Hodgson

Would absolutely always recommend McIntyre law firm. They are amazing! Always kept me in the loop and updated on my case! They actually care about you as an individual! Thank You Monica for all of your hard work, time and dedication! You are the best

google logoPerson PlaceholderSunny Cooper

Jordan Klingler was an excellent and compassionate advocate for my son and me for a personal injury claim arising from a car accident. From the moment I walked into her office and all throughout our correspondence, her communication was clear, smart, and timely. I truly appreciated how she made herself available as needed for emails or phone calls or making calls on my behalf, but was focused and considerate in economizing her time and respecting my time, as well.

As a working single mother, it was a relief and help to have an experienced advocate in my corner – particularly a professional woman who could relate to the concerns and challenges I now faced – when the insurance process became laborious and time-consuming, and the other driver’s insurance agency and car service providers proved patronizing and difficult, and clearly would never have my and my son’s best interests in mind. Klingler did. She was sharp, honest, collaborative, and effective in her efforts and achieved a beneficial outcome for both me and my son, far better than I would have achieved on my own and a balm to my entire experience.