Oklahoma City Traffic Accidents

This is a map of traffic accidents in Oklahoma City today. Zoom in to see the exact street where the accident took place and if the crash involved injuries to motorists.

Check back often as we increase our understanding of the most dangerous roads in Oklahoma City - information that can keep you and your family safe on the road.

Traffic accident trends in Oklahoma City

Vehicle accidents this month

What are the most dangerous roads and intersections in Oklahoma City?

Certain stretches of road can be dangerous for any number of reasons; sharp curves, inadequate lighting at night and high commercial vehicle use (lots of trucks) are only the beginning. McIntyre Law represents those who have been injured in accidents every day. However, through collecting and analyzing accident data, we hope to identify high-risk locations in order to prevent future accidents.

The following is a list of the most highly trafficked roads in Oklahoma City where we see some of the most severe accidents happening:

  1. Kilpatrick Turnpike

    Many commercial vehicles heading from cities in the Midwest to the Southwest end up on the Kilpatrick Turnpike in northwest Oklahoma City as they transition from I-44 to I-40. Local residents who frequently use this stretch of highway should use caution and learn to drive defensively around tractor trailors.

  2. Oklahoma State Highway 9

    Oklahoma State Highway 9 is one of the greater Oklahoma City area's most dangerous roads. Running through Cleveland County to the south of the city, the highway transitions from mostly rural terrain to a mix of business and residential traffic in Norman.

  3. N.W. Expressway (HW 3)

    Entering or exiting the city from the northwest requires travel on the N.W. Expressway, or State Highway 3. Congestion and heavy traffic can contribute to accidents as the highway transitions from rural four-lane to a more dense environment within Oklahoma City.

  4. I-40

    Cutting through the heart of Oklahoma City, traffic accidents are all too common on I-40. Interstate speeds and the high number of exits make merger related traffic accidents on Interstate 40 both common and serious. Drivers should use care when traveling on this road, especially between the I-35 and I-44 interchanges.

Oklahoma City's most dangerous roads

Our maps use data from the City of Oklahoma City on traffic accident severity and location. While the city primarily uses this information to understand how traffic flow is affected in real time, our goal is to identify patterns in accident location and severity over time. Knowing where Oklahoma City's traffic accidents happen the most can help keep you safe while on the road.

The map below shows the accident history of roads, highways and intersections across Oklahoma City during the last month. Roads marked in red were the scene of the most accidents. Be sure to check back often to see whether any of the routes you travel are among Oklahoma City's most dangerous intersections and roads.

Where did most Oklahoma City traffic accidents happen in May?

I-40 at S. MacArthur Blvd and MacArthur Blvd. between Reno Ave. and I-40

In May, MacArthur Blvd. between I-40 and Reno Ave. saw a spike in vehicle accidents. This includes I-40 traffic at the MacArthur exits and vehicles traveling on Reno through the MacArthur intersection.

Northwest Expressway between Meridian and the Hwy 74 Interchange

The section of Hwy 3 between Hwy 74 and Lakeview comprised one continuous hotspot for accidents in May. Use caution when traveling this and other sections of the Northwest Expressway.

I-240 between Santa Fe Ave. and S. May Ave.

This stretch of I-240 approaching the Will Rogers Airport produced a higher-than-average number of accidents in May. Every exit between May Ave. and Santa Fe Ave. saw increased accidents over the previous month.

Kilpatrick Turnpike at N. Pennsylvania Ave.

The intersection of the Kilpatrick Turnpike and Pennsylvania Ave. continues to be one of Oklahoma City's most accident-prone areas. Motorists should use extreme caution when entering or exiting the turnpike or negotiating the Pennsylvania and Memorial Rd intersection.

Were you involved in an accident in Oklahoma City?

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