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Choosing a personal injury attorney that has delivered substantial personal injury settlement amounts for their clients is crucial. You deserve full compensation for your injuries.

McIntyre Law has won over $250 million for our clients to date

The attorneys at McIntyre Law are specialists in the field and are dedicated to getting the maximum amount of compensation for you or your loved one. We work on a contingency fee basis, which means that we only get paid if you do.

Below are examples of personal injury amount of verdicts and settlements secured by McIntyre Law. Call McIntyre Law today to see whether we can add you to our list of personal injury cases won.

Our National Lawsuits

Settlement Amounts Type of Settlement
$4,450,000+ Defective medical device lawsuits
$50,000,000+ Drug liability lawsuits
$12,000,000+ Hip replacement lawsuits
$10,000,000+ Medical malpractice lawsuits

Our Local Oklahoma Lawsuits

Settlement Amounts Type of Settlement
$60,000,000+ Car accident lawsuits
$15,000,000+ Dog bite lawsuits
$11,500,000+ Oil field accident lawsuits
$3,000,000+ Premises liability lawsuits
$30,000,000+ Semi truck accident lawsuits
$1,000,000+ Swimming pool accident lawsuits

The verdicts and settlements mentioned on our website are a small sampling of the personal injury cases won by our team. These personal injury verdicts and settlements should not be used for comparison to your case or any other case.

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Car Accident Verdicts & Settlements

McIntyre Law is proud of the work our lawyers and staff have done to help all clients, especially those who have been victims of the negligence of another in a car accident. These car accident verdicts and settlements are just a few examples of the success we’ve had helping our clients receive proper compensation for their car accident injuries:

  • Elderly driver hit by a speeding police car on a non-emergency call. At trial, McIntyre experts proved that the police officer’s speeding caused the accident and won a verdict of $1,000,000.
  • Driver suffered injuries in a low impact accident involving a concrete truck. High tech graphics and a crash reconstruction video showed that the driver’s injuries resulted from the crash and the case was settled for $400,000.
  • Driver received a settlement of $525,000 in a low impact crash case that required surgery but left no visible damage to the vehicles involved.
  • Client sustained catastrophic injuries in a head-on collision by a driver of a commercial motor vehicle. Defendant rejected an initial attempt to resolve for $1 million prior to filing a lawsuit. McIntyre Law commenced litigation and, after depositions of the at-fault person, was able to recover almost $3 million on behalf of the injured client.
  • Client was a passenger who was ejected from an automobile in a single-car rollover accident. Client sustained multiple traumas and was in a coma for two weeks. Client made claim under owner’s uninsured motorist policy. Case settled for $1 million.
  • Automobile-pedestrian accident involving a drunk driver in the parking lot of a bar. Settled for $630,000.
  • Car accident involving drunk driver and head-on collision. Parties sustained multiple breaks and fractures of legs and arms as well as internal bruising. Settled for $500,000.
  • Automobile accident involving fatality with difficult liability issues. Case turned down by another firm before client came to us. Settled for $450,000.
  • Rollover accident involving drunk driver. Party sustained neck and back injuries that required fusion of the C5 and C6 vertebrae. Settled for $450,000.
  • Clients were passengers in a car that was T-boned by another driver who ran a red light. The driver was underinsured, and claims were made against his policy by our clients and an additional driver. Claims were also made by all parties against the underinsured motorist policy of the vehicle our clients were riding in. McIntyre Law was able to recoup over 90% of the insurance proceeds for our clients, totaling more than $150,000.
  • Client as passenger hit by driver in a road rage car accident. Client sustained head injury that resulted in soft-tissue injuries. Settled for $116,500.
  • Pedestrian client was run over by a car in a convenience store parking lot. Client sustained a broken leg and other injuries. Settled for policy limits of $75,000.
  • Client was injured in an automobile accident and spent over a week in the hospital, incurring over $400,000 in medical bills. The at-fault driver had a state minimum insurance policy of $25,000. Client was informed by his insurance company that his uninsured motorist coverage was limited to $25,000. After review of his policy, an argument was successfully made that the client had stackable uninsured motorist coverage totaling $75,000.
  • Clients were the driver and passenger of an automobile on the interstate. A young driver made a lane change unsafely and at an excessive speed, crashing into them. Clients had soft-tissue damages and medical bills that totaled $11,342. Defendant never offered to pay client’s medical bills. Case went to trial, with a jury verdict of $75,000.
  • Car accident where passenger sustained a broken nose and scarring to his face. Settled for policy limits of $50,000.
  • Client was driving when she was T-boned by another driver who failed to stop at a stop sign. Client had soft-tissue injuries, including whiplash. Client’s medical bills were approximately $11,000. Defendant never offered to pay medical bills. Case went to trial, with a jury verdict of $30,511.
  • Car wreck involving a client who sustained soft-tissue injuries to the neck and back. Case went to trial, with a jury verdict of $30,511.55. Highest offer prior to trial had been $7,000.

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Oil Field Injury Settlements

McIntyre Law is proud of our work within the practice of oil field injury litigation. These oil field injury settlements are just a few examples of the success we’ve had helping our clients receive proper compensation for their injuries.

  • Settled an oil rig explosion injury case for $5 million.
  • Oil field accident where a commercial truck drove into the path of an oncoming automobile. Client sustained serious injuries to his hip and lower extremities. He was unable to work for over a year. Defendant claimed he was faced with a sudden emergency. Litigation ensued, and it was discovered that the driver of the commercial truck was not qualified, was over the daily limit for his hours of service, and had other distractions inside the cab of the truck. Plaintiff filed a motion of spoliation of evidence, wherein it was alleged the company had “lost” the alcohol and drug test screenings performed on the driver. After approximately 15 depositions and on the brink of trial, the defendant made an offer to resolve the case. The settlement exceeded $3 million.
  • A minor child was struck by an oil field services commercial truck while playing next to the road. The impact caused severe injuries to the child’s leg. The insurance company for the owner of the oil field services truck said that they would never pay a dime, alleging that the child walked out in front of the commercial driver. To determine whether the case was meritorious, McIntyre Law hired a respected accident reconstruction and human factors expert. We then went about renting and purchasing clones of the vehicles that were involved in the accident. After depositions, we placed replicas of the children, commercial driver, and other witnesses at the scene to recreate the events of that day. It was demonstrated that the commercial truck driver’s testimony did not conform to the facts of the case. The expert demonstrated through a reenactment that the driver had ample opportunities to see the child next to the road. Even though the driver of the commercial vehicle was required to slow down and move off the edge of the road, he did not, thus causing the accident. The case was settled for a confidential amount that will provide for the child’s care and treatment for his injuries and that also compensated the parents for income and allowed them to make improvements to their home to help meet the child’s needs.

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Truck Accident Verdicts & Settlements

Statistics show that 10% of injuries sustained in a truck accident result in the death of the victim. As a member of APITLAmerica, McIntyre Law is dedicated to promoting safe truck driving and helping those that have been injured in a truck accident.

  • In an I-40 accident involving a semi, McIntyre settled the case for $500,000, an amount that was four times what the insurance company initially offered to settle the case.
  • A settlement of $195,000 for an I-35 driver injured after being hit by a semi. During deposition, McIntyre attorneys discovered factors that indicated the semi driver’s distraction contributed to the accident.
  • A $4,000,000 wrongful death settlement involving a semi driver and company that neglected to follow applicable laws in the transport of a large load.
  • A wrongful death case in which a semi driver was driving distracted and purposely obscured evidence of the distraction following the accident. The case was settled for $3,500,000.
  • A semi accident that injured a 61-year-old and required surgical fusion of vertebrae resulting in a $3,000,000 settlement. The driver was overworked and fatigued and the company lacked any program to identify dangerously fatigued drivers.
  • A pedestrian was injured after being struck by the trailer of a semi while making a right turn. The case resulted in a $200,000 settlement.
  • A motorist was killed by a semi attempting a U-turn. The company was uninsured, but McIntyre secured a $3,500,000 settlement that was above the amount covered the company’s insurance.
  • Client received $3 million settlement resulting from a fatal accident involving a semi truck.
  • Client received a $4.25 million settlement after a fatal crash caused by a tractor-trailer operator pulling a trailer that was unfit for use on a highway. We advised the client, who lost his wife in the accident, to turn down pretrial offers of $400,000 and $700,000. The jury eventually ordered the company to pay $3 million in damages, and the company offered an additional $1.25 million as the jury was considering punitive damages.
  • Trucking accident involving a speeding truck driver who crashed into a car of teenagers. Settled for $2 million.
  • Trucking accident caused by a negligent truck driver, with claims that the truck driver falsified his hours of service (logbooks), was fatigued, and failed to devote his full time and attention to the roadway. The accident caused severe spinal damage to our client, resulting in two surgeries. Settled for $1 million.
  • Semi crash caused by a negligent commercial driver who illegally turned into oncoming traffic. The trucking accident resulted in severe leg and ankle fractures to the client. The client underwent multiple surgeries and was permanently disabled as a result. Settled for $850,000.
  • Client was a driver of a commercial motor vehicle and was struck by a semi tractor-trailer. He sustained injuries to his back that eventually required surgical fusion. Defendants denied being at fault for the collision and further claimed that the collision did not cause the client’s injuries. Defendants initially tried to resolve the claim for less than $200,000. After numerous depositions and motions before the court, the case resolved for $500,000.
  • Driver of a tow truck was sideswiped by a semi tractor-trailer out of Texas on Interstate 35. Both drivers alleged that the other driver had entered his lane of traffic. McIntyre Law immediately hired an accident reconstruction expert who determined that the evidence demonstrated that the tractor-trailer driver had entered our client’s lane of traffic by 2 feet. McIntyre Law filed suit. Our client sustained back injuries that required minor surgical intervention. The case was mediated and a settlement offer of $250,000 was made. Defendants alleged that the settlement offer represented the highest number they would pay. McIntyre Law recommended our client not agree to the settlement offer. The case was litigated, with McIntyre Law demonstrating to the court that the opinions of the defendants’ accident reconstructionist were not scientifically based. The case resolved for a high six-figure amount.
  • Trucking collision in construction zone where clients sustained soft-tissue injuries and two broken ribs. Settled for $175,000.
  • Client’s tractor-trailer was rear-ended by another tractor-trailer. Client sustained injuries to his back and shoulder, which were treated via physical therapy. Case settled at mediation for $170,000.
  • Driver of a tractor-trailer was driving during snowy and icy conditions on an Oklahoma interstate. Client’s automobile was rear-ended by the tractor-trailer driver, who possessed a commercial driver’s license yet failed to see that traffic had slowed in front of him. The driver of the semi alleged that he was not responsible because a car had lost control in front of our client and had caused the traffic to suddenly slow. He further alleged that the accident was unavoidable. During litigation, it was discovered that the driver’s daily logs did not match the tax records of the trucking company. It also showed that he had a history of speeding, and on the day of the collision he had an average speed in excess of 70 mph. Hotly litigated, the case was mediated where the highest offer was $125,000. McIntyre Law recommended that our client walk away from the settlement table and prepare for trial. The client agreed. McIntyre Law filed a motion for summary judgment on the defendants’ claims that the accident was unavoidable. After filing the motion, the case resolved for a high six-figure amount.
  • Client was driving on the interstate when she was rear-ended by a semi tractor-trailer. Client underwent cervical disc fusion. Defendants initially refused to pay, disputing who was at fault. The case went to the brink of trial before being settled for a high six-figure amount.

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Motorcycle Collision Settlements

Motorcycle accident victims are subject to various injuries as a result of a crash, including head trauma, disability, spinal trauma, and mental anguish. The lawyers and staff at McIntyre Law do their part for these victims by helping them recover compensation for their injuries or by aiding families who have lost a loved one in a motorcycle crash.

  • Client in motorcycle accident resulting in broken wrist, hip, and leg. Insurance company initially denied coverage. Settled for $500,000.
  • Motorcycle accident where husband and wife were struck by an inattentive driver. Husband sustained a sacral fracture and soft-tissue injuries. Wife sustained rib fractures and broken finger. Settled for $275,000.
  • Client in motorcycle accident with uninsured motorist, resulting in an elbow injury. Settled for $50,000.
  • Motorcycle accident where passenger sustained broken wrist. Settled for $50,000.
  • Motorcycle accident resulting in client’s broken wrist. Settled for $50,000.

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Dog Bite Injury Verdicts & Settlements

Oklahoma applies “strict liability” for dog attacks and injuries, meaning that there is no need to prove fault in the case of a dog attack. Recovering from a dog bite can be a painful and expensive process for victims and their families. McIntyre Law has helped victims of dog bites receive the compensation they deserve to cover costly medical bills and treatments needed after a dog bite.

  • A $66,000 settlement in a dog bite case where a teenage boy was bitten on the lip by a dog while at a friend’s house.
  • Judgment of $15 million for a dog attack lawsuit. When an Oklahoma City man was visiting his friend, he was fatally attacked by five pit bull mixes from a neighboring house. The dogs were owned by an undocumented immigrant from Mexico, which complicated the case. The defendant pleaded guilty to second-degree manslaughter, served one year in a U.S. prison, and was deported back to Mexico. He had no assets to claim, but the court still awarded a $15 million judgment for the deceased’s family.
  • Dog bite case awarded a $60,000 verdict.
  • Dog bite injury resulting in scarring to the arm and medical bills in excess of $20,000. Settled for $110,000.
  • Dog attack injury with minor scarring to the face and medical bills in excess of $5,000. Settled for $60,000.
  • Dog bite on the calf of a client who was walking in the park. Client sustained over $2,000 in medical bills. Settled for $20,000.

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Medical Malpractice or Negligence Settlements

Medical malpractice is defined as an act or omission by a health care provider in which care provided deviates from accepted standards of practice in the medical community and causes injury or wrongful death to the patient. The lawyers at McIntyre Law have successfully handled cases where negligence victims or their families sought compensation for their injuries.

  • Failure to properly treat patient with neck injury, resulting in permanent disability. Settled for $1.5 million.
  • Wrongful death medical malpractice action involving failure to perform surgery properly and failure to render appropriate cardiovascular care. Case settled for $1.25 million.
  • Medical negligence during gastric surgery and negligent credentialing by hospital, resulting in death of adult male. Settled for $1.25 million.
  • A brain injury case. Prior to litigation, settled for a confidential amount in excess of $1 million.
  • Wrongful death case for failure to diagnose and treat brain aneurysm in single father. Settled for $950,000.
  • Medical malpractice case involving amputation of a leg. Settled for $400,000 with no depositions taken.
  • Wrongful death case involving failure to diagnose bacterial meningitis in an elderly man after a back surgery. Settled for $350,000.

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Nursing Home Neglect Settlements

Our elderly population is one of the most at-risk groups for mistreatment and negligence. McIntyre Law’s experience working with families and victims of nursing home neglect has led to our practice recovering millions of dollars for our clients. The nursing home abuse attorneys at McIntyre Law were among the first to aggressively seek protection for elderly people in Oklahoma.

  • Failure to properly treat wounds and neglect in allowing pressure sores to develop on elderly resident. Settled for $1.5 million.
  • Nursing home neglect in allowing the development of pressure sores on elderly resident. Settled for $1.35 million during trial.
  • Neglect in allowing the development of pressure sores on elderly resident. Wrongful death settlement of $600,000.
  • Fall in nursing home, resulting in hip fracture, and neglect in allowing the development of pressure sores on elderly resident. Settled for $700,000.
  • Fall in nursing home, resulting in broken neck and death. Settled for $375,000.
  • Nursing home case involving failure to obtain emergency medical care. Settled for $290,000 with no depositions taken.
  • Fall in nursing home, resulting in fractured hip and unexplained bruising on elderly resident. Settled for $200,000.

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Drug and Medical Device Liability Settlements

The FDA does not have the authority to force pharmaceutical companies to initiate a recall, leaving many victims of drug side effects unaware of the potential dangers of the drugs they are taking until it is too late. Our lawyers are dedicated to helping these victims understand their rights and recover compensation for damages done to their emotional and physical well-being.

  • Paxil birth defect litigation: settlements exceeding $10 million.
  • Fen-phen litigation: settlements exceeding $10 million.
  • Ortho Evra litigation: settlements exceeding $4.25 million.

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Products Liability and Other Verdicts & Settlements

Victims of injuries as a result of using a defective or dangerous product, or as the result of others’ negligent or wrongful practices, deserve to know their rights and recover compensation for damages. Whether it’s a slip-and-fall case, defective safety equipment, exposure to asbestos, or work site negligence, the lawyers and staff at McIntyre Law are committed to getting justice for you and your loved ones.

  • Swimming pool paralysis case resulted in a $1.5 million settlement.
  • Negligence on a work site by an impaired contractor led our client to sustain catastrophic injuries. McIntyre Law immediately filed a lawsuit and was able to obtain numerous damaging documents about the incident and company involved. After rebuffing several settlement attempts, McIntyre Law agreed to mediation. In just under eight hours, the case was resolved for nearly $4 million, enabling the client to fully recover from his injuries and providing him and his family with a very comfortable future.
  • Defect in conveyor belt, resulting in catastrophic injury to employee’s leg and nerves. Settled for $950,000.
  • Failure of construction company to implement appropriate traffic control at construction site, resulting in death of single mother. Settled for $875,000.
  • Contractual/business dispute between shareholders. Settled for $240,000.
  • Slip-and-fall accident at grocery store. Client fell when she slipped on a clear liquid, resulting in spinal fusion surgery. Settled for $300,000.
  • Personal injury sustained by residence invitee who was negligently harmed, resulting in the loss of an eye. Settled for $350,000.
  • Common-law negligence claim against county sheriff’s office regarding wrongful death of detained person. Defendant never made an offer of settlement. Verdict of $125,000, the maximum governmental tort claims limit.

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