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How Do You Know When it’s Time to Give Up Driving?

Aging can be a scary thing in a lot of respects — whether it’s your own aging progression or watching that of a loved one. There are new medical issues… Read More

Exploring the Dangers of NuvaRing

It’s been alleged for a long time that NuvaRing can cause serious injuries and/or sudden death. McIntyre Law, P.C. has experienced NuvaRing attorneys who have been working on nationwide NuvaRing… Read More

Stay Safe on the Roads in Wintry Weather

The snow has already begun to fall in Oklahoma this winter. As well, Mother Nature has treated us to icy conditions this week, which is especially unfortunate timing as we… Read More

Bulldog Attacks Child, Leaves Lasting Injuries

You may have heard the unfortunate news a few weeks ago about Gage Thornhill, the four-year-old Hollis boy who was brutally attacked by an American Bulldog. McIntyre Law P.C. is… Read More

Recall Roundup

Infant Motrin recall If you have a young child, check those UPCs in your medicine cabinet! An infant Motrin recall announced on Saturday affects about 200,000 bottles of the ibuprofen-based… Read More

What You Don’t Know About Backyard Trampolines

Bounce, bounce, bounce. The trampoline seems like the quintessential kids’ entertainment; it’s been around forever, and kids (and adults) love them. It may surprise you, though, that there were 83,300… Read More

Is your dashboard your biggest distraction?

There’s been so much in the news about the hazards of distracted driving, but not much attention has been paid to the fact that one of the causes can actually… Read More

Swimming Pool Safety Checklist

Summer is approaching, the warm weather has arrived and you’re looking to hit the pool. Swimming pools are always popular, but they can be dangerous too. With a few precautions,… Read More

‘SaferCar’ App offers Drivers Real-Time Safety Information

Late last month the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced the release of a new safety app for Iphones and Ipod Touches called, SaferCar. The app’s many safety features allow… Read More

Jurors award damages in DePuy hip implant case

A Los Angeles jury awarded $8.3 million to a former prison guard in a hip implant case earlier this month. In the case between 65-year old Loren Kransky and Johnson… Read More

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