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Bill to Ban Texting While Driving Hits Roadblock

An Oklahoma bill that would ban texting while driving was tabled a week ago and now is approaching the March 14th deadline for measures originating in the house to be… Read More

Triple Digit Speeding is a Statewide Issue

Analysis by The Oklahoman has found that triple digit speeding is cause for statewide concern. With information gathered by the Department of Public Safety on citations issued for citizens driving… Read More

What You Can Do to Avoid a Car Accident

When you think about car accidents, you typically think about the injuries and damage that they can cause. A car accident that creates no injuries or fatalities is preferable to… Read More

Preventative Measures for Tired Drivers

Over the weekend, an Oklahoma City man fell asleep at the wheel while driving southbound on County Road 250 in Woods County. Thomas McDermott, 47, was driving a 2011 ford… Read More

Car Accident Prevention with Collision Avoidance Technology

Imagine if car accidents could be prevented by the cars themselves. It’s not science fiction, and it’s not very far off. As Oklahoma car accident attorneys, we’re always interested in… Read More

Oklahoma Sees Fewer Car Crashes, More Injuries

Danny Lloyd Weaver wasn’t wearing a seat belt when his truck veered off Drummond Road in Pottawatomie County on June 23, 2012. His vehicle hit an embankment, and then a… Read More

Technology: Friend and Foe of Distracted Driving

Concerned parents and driving safety advocates in Oklahoma were disheartened last week when the Oklahoma Senate rejected a bill that would prevent teens from using cell phones while driving. Whether… Read More

New Campaign Encourages Seat Belt Use

Far too many auto accidents end in tragedy due to lack of seat belt use. In 2010, 55.7% of the pickup truck and car crash fatalities in Oklahoma involved drivers… Read More

Distracted Driving and Hands-Free Devices

We’re at a point now where many new cars come equipped with Bluetooth communication technology. Hands-free cell phone devices are available from numerous retailers, and they’re so commonplace now, the… Read More

Car Accident Death Could Have Been Avoided

January 22, 2012 was a sad day in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. A horrible car accident claimed the life of 19-year-old Travis Michael Perez. Just after midnight, Perez was driving on… Read More

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