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FDA Recall Watch
McIntyre Law's FDA Recall Watch

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the federal government agency responsible for regulating not only food and drugs but also biologics (things like vaccines, blood, and tissue), medical… Read More

Recall Roundup: May/June, 2016

It’s never good news when a favorite product has been recalled. Even if you’ve been using it and not had any trouble, it’s always a good idea to find out… Read More

Recall Roundup

By now, you likely know the big recall news, which is all about Volkswagen and the company’s alleged fraud regarding the vehicles’ emissions tests. But, there are several smaller-scale recalls… Read More

Recall Roundup
Danger Zone

We all like to trust that the items we buy will be safe when used in the manner in which they were intended. However, that’s not always the case. At… Read More

Recall Roundup: Dangerous Baby Equipment

If you’re anything like the attorneys at McIntyre Law, P.C., we can probably agree that the most important thing in our lives is the health and safety of our families…. Read More

Recall Roundup

Recalls happen, and some are wider in scope than others. For example, we shared with you a few weeks ago a big GM recall that affected thousands of vehicles. Fortunately,… Read More

Recall Roundup

Infant Motrin recall If you have a young child, check those UPCs in your medicine cabinet! An infant Motrin recall announced on Saturday affects about 200,000 bottles of the ibuprofen-based… Read More

Bugaboo Strollers Recalled Due to Hazards

Bugaboo International, the makers of high-end baby strollers, announced a recall of more than 50,000 strollers this past week. The strollers have been recalled due to a defect with the… Read More

Total Hip Replacement Surgery Increases Risk of Stroke

In a study by the American Heart Association, researchers found the risk of stroke increases exponentially in the weeks following a total hip replacement. Patients, who have recently undergone hip… Read More

Banana Boat Recalls Sunscreen Due to Fire Risk

Energizer Holdings, the maker of Banana Boat Sunscreen, has recalled a half-million bottles of aerosol sunscreen after five burn incidents were reported over the past year. Banana Boat makes over… Read More

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