Safety Hazards

Sunscreen: Might be a Chore, But Definitely a Lifesaver

Do you use sunscreen each time you’re outside? Lots of people don’t, because either they don’t like it, don’t want to be bothered, or don’t think it’s necessary. But, regardless… Read More

It’s Mosquito Season (scratch, scratch)! Stay Free of Mosquito-borne Illness

Chances are, when you were growing up, mosquito bites were just an annoyance. Being bitten was part of being outside in the summertime, and the biggest challenge was trying not… Read More

Stay Safe in a Tornado or other Weather Emergency!
Tornado Funnel Cloud

According to, Oklahoma City has had more tornado strikes than any other U.S. city. That means that residents in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas have to be vigilant and… Read More

Hazards in the Home: Protect Your Children from this Common Household Danger

You would expect your home to be a place where your children are safest. Many new parents take great care to “baby-proof” a home by searching high and low for… Read More

Prom Safety & “Senioritis”: Keeping Your Teens Safe

We all like to think of prom and graduation season as being about gowns, tuxes, corsages and parties, so let’s make sure that this happy time stays that way—that our… Read More

Never Give Up Until They Buckle Up
tweens buckled up

Hopefully, you’re one of the millions of Americans who immediately buckles his or her seat belt when you get in the car. Many of us do this without even thinking… Read More

Liquid Nicotine Safety: This Little-Known Danger Can Kill a Child
Clearomizer Electronic Vapor E-Cig Liquid Tanks

Have you heard of “vaping”? This term describes the act of using a “personal vaporizer”, commonly known as an e-cigarette (or electronic cigarette). This battery-powered vaporizer feels similar to tobacco… Read More

More than Holiday Cheer to Keep You Warm

If you’re here in Oklahoma, you’re waking up this week to news that we’re expecting a chilling cold snap. The forecast includes below freezing temperatures for the metro area through… Read More

Safe — not spooky — on Halloween!

Kids, especially, love Halloween. It’s possible that yours have been planning their costumes since July (or sooner). And, while kids and adults alike love to get into the festivities, costumes,… Read More

Is Your Furniture Hazardous to Your Kids’ Health?

If you have very young children or babies, you’ve probably thought about baby-proofing your home – you make sure that there are no small objects around that could be choking… Read More

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