Safety Hazards

‘SaferCar’ App offers Drivers Real-Time Safety Information

Late last month the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced the release of a new safety app for Iphones and Ipod Touches called, SaferCar. The app’s many safety features allow… Read More

Weight Limits on Booster Seats Put Children at Risk

Consumer Reports recent review of booster seats reveals that there is a disconnect between the minimum weight requirement on some booster seats, and the real world application of that weight… Read More

Football Players Feel Long-term Effects of the Game

Now that Super Bowl XLVII is over and fans across the country are reveling in victory, or languishing in defeat, let’s take the dialogue beyond the halftime show and commercials,… Read More

International Safe Toys and Gifts Month

With Santa occupying the minds of many kids around the world, not to mention the courtyards of many malls across the country, holiday shopping is happening in full force. As… Read More

Bringing Fire Prevention Week to the Office

This week is National Fire Prevention Week, and for many across the nation, that will mean checking the home smoke detectors and fire extinguishers. Fire prevention should extend to the… Read More

National Safety Month Week 2: Preventing Overexertion

Sometimes “less is more.” This familiar and well-known phrase originated in the 1855 poem “Andrea del Sarto” by Robert Browning. While the majority of us are not scholars of Browning’s… Read More

Tornado Safety Precautions

One of the biggest weather risks that Oklahomans face is the threat of tornadoes. Last week’s outbreak of tornadoes across the state serves as a reminder of how damaging and… Read More

Trick or Treating Safety

Fall is in the air and stores are filled with costumes, face paint, and masks; everyone is getting ready for Halloween. While you are out buying candy, decorating and helping… Read More

Heat-Related Deaths of Children

Did you know that the temperature in a vehicle raises about 19 degrees F in 10 minutes? In 20 minutes it could increase up to 29 degrees F. Now imagine… Read More

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